The Resurrection, 2021

In this body of work Inderjeet Sandhu addresses the discrepancies and his confusion between the religions practiced in- and outside of his home and the portrayal of sex and nudity in that specific context. He experienced western culture as more open towards sexual freedom whereas growing up in his parents Indian household this was the exact opposite.

When looking at religion both cultures actually handle the topic differently. In parts of Indian culture they show nudity in the context of religion but don’t talk about it.

In Western culture they speak freely about sex and sexuality, but eroticism in the context of religion has been eradicated.

He specifically took inspiration from the “Fig Leaf Campaign,” a historic event that censored any art portraying nudity by literally hiding the genitalia with leaves. The campaign labeled the naked body as immodest, obscene and sinful. It made clear that only the unfortunate “damned” were naked; and the “saved” were clothed.

With Resurrection he aims to eradicate archaic views and rules regarding sexuality and religion and rewrites them by literally ‘setting them in stone’.

This work is about doing the exact opposite of the “Fig Leaf Campaign”, in relation to his own bi-cultural upbringing and sexual preference: Putting sexuality and nudity on display and inviting it in where it might not be welcome. Through mixing opposing symbols and religious iconography into his own objects, altars of duality.

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